Global Integration was created to optimize the use of computer resources in complex environments, thus preventing that performance problems be solved with the acquisition of hardware and software. Having high expertise and qualified resources in several business sectors and functions, Global Integration helps its clients become high performance businesses. Currently, besides exploring this market niche, it has services sized to small, medium, and large organizations, such as Storage and Infrastructure Management and Operation, which are a solution to meet the main needs of the Storage, Network, and Backup environments.

Thus, we specialized in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), with results intended to maximize our clients' existing investments as a starting point, and we also operate as a trusted advisor, providing guidance on new acquisitions and assistance toward a better IT management. With a management designed to consider the well-being of its collaborators, it stands out for their professional growth and believes that the excellence of its services is based on such principle.

Creativity, excellence, acknowledgment, and improvement of its staff are among its core values that positively affects its client base.

Although we are a young company, our high-level services are provided to some of the major companies in the country, and we work in several areas such as PMO, Infrastructure Management, and Datacenter From our office in Jardins, in the state of São Paulo, we serve the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Service partner of the main hardware suppliers in the world.

Specialized in providing multivendor service to small, medium, and large clients.

Our essential premise is Planning, Integration, Management, and Quality. | Tel.: +55 11 4590-0129
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